Beyond Organic produce

We invest in the soil health of our fields by remineralizing and nurturing the natural processes and cycles already set in place, and proven to grow the greatest food, for thousands of years, rather than using chemicals of any kind.   We follow the USDA Organic requirements as closely as possible, AND wherever possible we take even greater care in nurturing a healthy, responsible cycle and flow of life and products on our farm.  

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Our farm to your table

Instead of a government inspector, we would rather you be the certifier of your food and tour our fields and barns, and know for a fact that what you receive from Our Farm to Your Table is fresh, healthy, and of the utmost quality.  We want you to be confident in the food you eat, since it is grown by neighbors that you know.  Put a face to your food, and let us be YOUR FARMER.

    Monthly Vegetable Availability Chart