Where It All Started For Us....

Spirit Pioneering Farm is a local small farm/market garden providing seasonal, Beyond Organic vegetables and fruits throughout the year.  We farm on 6 acres of land in Northwest Victoria County, Texas.  Our desire is to share and experience the bounty of the land together with our farm partners and customers.

(Right to Left) CJ, Ruth and Tyson Thornton

(Right to Left) CJ, Ruth and Tyson Thornton

We want to put a face to your food!

We want to use the resources God gives us to steward the land and animals in a way that benefits everyone from our customers on down to the earthworms in the soil.  We strive to leave this piece of ground better than we found it.  In our family, we make it a priority to consume foods that are natural and nutrient dense. We want what we grow on our farm to be the freshest, nutrient dense, chemical free and flavorful that it can be for you as well.  Farm to Table is a term we love to use, signifying the freshness and great taste of our produce!


TYson Thornton, head farmer and founder

Tyson Thornton is the head farmer, working full time to provide the Victoria Area an opportunity to eat the freshest foods that are grown locally and naturally.  I really enjoy working and creating with my hands.  I love being outdoors, out in nature, rain or shine makes no difference to me.  I am always impressed at how intricately and amazingly connected God has designed and created the natural world.  I was raised around agriculture, and have helped and worked in gardens and fields since my teenage years and before.  I am trained as a Mechanical/ Manufacturing Engineer from Texas A&M University, however the paths we end up on are not always what we had foreseen in our past.  Now, Since 2013, I have been following a dream that was in my heart, working the land, serving people, and growing great food for my community.


Beyond organic produce is what we grow