What is a Farm Partner?

It is a direct relationship between us, your Farmer, and you, the Farm Partner/Customer.  Our CSA Harvest Share is a unique way to receive local, naturally grown vegetables free of any chemicals, that are picked and delivered at their freshest, most flavorful and most nutritious state.  We share a commitment with our Farm Partners, pray and work very diligently to ensure that you receive a harvest portion worth celebrating every week.  In a CSA, the Farm Partner and the Farmer share the risk together, as well as the rewards.  Farm Partners pay in advance for a weekly share in the upcoming harvest season.  This allows your farmer to make seed, and various other purchases, in cash at the beginning of the season, which must be done long before any vegetable is ready for harvest.  It also allows us to plan for a specific quantity of vegetables, and keep better focused on growing better food, instead of so much marketing during the busy harvest times.  In the case of severe weather and/or insect devastation, we would also share in that risk together.  

Benefits of partnership

The benefit to you, the Farm Partner, is a guaranteed weekly share of local, fresh, nutritious vegetables, at a discount from retail prices, along with receiving the abundant harvests along the way!  Farm partners will also be the first to be included for any on Farm events that we hold, such as Dinner on the Farm, Farm Tours, etc.